VAMDC Project (2009 - 2012)

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NA1: Science/Technical Coordination of the network



Contact person : N. Walton, M.L. Dubernet



NA1 provides the scientific and technical work necessary for the operation of the VAMDC e-infrastructure its structures and integrating with other data services and placing the VAMDC in a more global context. NA1 will also provide effort for VAMDC to participate and interact with external infrastructure and standards groups such as EGEE, Euro-VO and the IVOA

WP Lead: CNRS(1) & CMSUC(2)


Description of work:

NA1 will ensure that the VAMDC project progresses in the most effective manner, providing the decision making structure to ensure that VAMDC activities deliver an optimum research infrastructure for the community. NA1 is organised through:

The Executive Project Team (EPT) : (which is responsible for technical activities)

The EPT includes WPs leaders (WP2 to WP8). The EPT will have monthly teleconference meetings (more if necessary) as well as bi-annual face-to-face meetings. It will collect reports from SAs and JRAs and prepare the annual technical reports for the VPB. The EPT will be chaired by the VAMDC Deputy Technical Coordinator who is a member of the VAMDC Project Board and will appropriately advise the VPB on the technical validity and relevance of the project strategic plans.



Task 1: Internal Technical Activities (lead by CMSUC(2), all partners)

Task1 deals with cross disciplinary technical coordination, identification and evaluation of proposed generic tools, preparation of plans for testing and benchmarking activities.

Task 2: Connection to External Technical Project (lead by CMSUC(2), partners 1,3,4,14)

Task 2 deals with coordination with IVOA (International Virtual Observatory Alliance ), Euro-VO, the IDIS Data service of the Europlanet EU Research Infrastructure, EGEE (European Grid E-science Environment). The EPT will host annual small focused meetings/workshops where relevant people from the external projects will be invited to present the status of their achievements. The EPT will assess the degree of interoperability with those projects, which will in turn influence the output of task 1.

Task 3: Collect the users and producers specifications (lead by INASAN(15), all partners)

The EPT will gather users/producers requirements by a number of techniques such as questionnaires, small face-to-face meetings and so forth.

Task 4: Policies concerning Standards (lead by CNRS(1), all partners)

Task 4 will define, review and update the way standards will be adopted and to that effect it will interact with organisations promoting standards, e.g. external projects cited in task 2, NIST project for defining units in XML schema. Other organisations will be identified during the project if they happen to be relevant to VAMDC.

Task 5: Policies concerning publication in VAMDC (lead by CNRS(1), all partners)

Other missions of the EPT are to define, update and maintain the policies concerning the publication of resources in VAMDC.


Deliverables : NA1: Science/Technical Coordination of the network

Milestones : WP2

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