VAMDC Project (2009 - 2012)

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Institute for Astronomy RAS

Partner contact person : Dr. T.A.Ryabchikova


Since 1995 INASAN is responsible for maintaining and updating the content of the VALD. This task includes the search and critical evaluation of the new data, quality control and recommendations for the users via the so-called ranking list for various parameters stored in the VALD. Ranks are established based on the techniques used to derive atomic and molecular parameters, quality estimates given by the data producers and the comparison with the results of spectral analysis of astrophysical standards such as the Sun, Vega, Procyon etc.

Key person :


Dr. T.A.Ryabchikova, leading scientist

Expertise : The main responsibility of INASAN is the verification of quality and completeness of the data in atomic and molecular lines databases for various astrophysical applications and the inter-comparison between overlapping the data in different databases. High-quality spectra of astrophysical objects are used for these purposes and the methodology is well developed and routinely used for the content of the Vienna Atomic Line Database (VALD).

Role in VAMDC project : Search for the new data. Contacts with data producers. Cross-comparison of the new data using spectra of the astrophysical objects. Preparation of the new data for ingestion into VALD. Final recommendations for the users (SA2), (NA2)


Y. Pakhomov
Role in VAMDC project: Maintaining Moscow VALD mirror, participation in software development of VALD operation facilities.


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