VAMDC Project (2009 - 2012)

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Partner contact person : W. Weiss


The spectroscopic team at the Institute for Astronomy of the University of Vienna has its roots in research activities on chemically peculiar stars. It was the need for a large and user friendly atomic database, which triggered the creation and development of VALD, at that time an acronym for Vienna Atomic Line Database, to a very efficient tool for high precise abundance determinations and model atmosphere computations. The success of VALD is illustrated by the fact that other teams outside of Austria have taken over key roles for various aspects, which frequently are in the responsibility of personnel educated or strongly linked to Vienna.


Role in Project : UW-A will contribute in SA1, providing service activities in support of the deployment and integration of the VALD data resources. They will contribute to JRA2, developing extensions to the publishing tools required by this large data resource.

Key persons :


Werner W. Weiss, professor

Expertise : leader of the ASAP (Analysis of Stellar Atmospheres and Pulsation) group.

Role in VAMDC project : SA1, JRA2

Friedrich Kupka, member of the ACORE team at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna
Expertise : Co-founder of VALD, fluid dynamics and stars, high performance computing, numerical mathematics
Role in VAMDC project : Deputy Contact Person, SA1, JRA2


Christian Stuetz, staff member of the University Computer Centre (ZID)

Expertise : VALD administrator.

Role in VAMDC project : SA1, JRA2


Marcus Hareter, Theresa Lueftinger, Nicole Nesvacil, Richard Neuteufel

Expertise : involved in modelling stellar atmospheres of B to G stars at or close to the MS, abundance and stratification analyses, magnetic field determinations, Doppler and Magnetic Doppler Imaging. They are prime contacts for testing of VALD and for quality assessments, in particular for new software features and line lists.

Role in VAMDC project : UNIVIE Workpackages WP3, WP4


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