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VAMDC Project Board (VPB)



This Board will be the major strategic decision-making body and will have the prime responsibility for ensuring the success of the project and compliance with the terms of the EU Contract. Membership will consist of:

- one representative from each legal entity signing the contract (Contractual Legal Entity: CLE) , i.e. the nominated ‘Scientist in charge’ as defined by the contract,

- representatives of the departments within a CLE when they have quite distinct roles within the proposal,

- representatives of members of a CLE when it is composed of several members, each of which being a separate legal entity ( eg CNRS).

The VPB has final control of the budget and the allocation of tasks and resources. The VPB will meet twice a year face-to-face and at other times (as required) by teleconference and will be chaired by the Coordinator.


List of VPB members :



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