VAMDC Project (2009 - 2012)

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Mendoza, Claudio and Núñez, Luis A. (2009), "Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre", Proceedings of the First EELA-2 Conference: p. 219.

A large-scale computational project has been recently launched to develop the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC). It involves several research groups from the European Union (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and UK), the Russian Federation, Serbia and Venezuela. VAMDC intends to deploy an advanced and secure cyber-infrastructure to provide an interoperable e-science environment for existing distributed atomic and molecular databases. These databases are used in a variety of research and industrial fields such as astrophysics, atmospheric physics, fusion, environmental sciences, lasers and lighting. The Venezuelan node, namely groups from IVIC and CeCalCULA, will make use of the EELA-2 grids and storage elements for upgrading, testing and tuning up atomic database services and applications such as TOPbase, TIPbase, OPserver and XSTAR. In the present report we describe the project guidelines, especially in reference to the training of potential users, technology transfer and data dissemination in Latin America.

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