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Sahal-Br\'echot, S., Dimitrijevi\'c, M.S. and Moreau, N. (2012), "Virtual Laboratory Astrophysics: the STARK-B database for spectral line broadening by collisions with charged particles and its link to VAMDC", JPCS, 397, 1: 012019.

“Stark broadening” theories and calculations have been extensively developed for about 50 years. Accurate spectroscopic diagnostics and modelling require the knowledge of numerous collisional line profiles. Nowadays, the access to such data via an on line database becomes essential. The aim of STARK-B is to reply to ths need. It is a collaborative project between the Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade (AOB) and the “Laboratoire d’Etude du Rayonnement et de la matière en Astrophysique” (LERMA). It is a database of widths and shifts of isolated lines of atoms and ions due to electron and ion impacts that we have calculated and published in international refereed journals (more than 150 papers). It is devoted to modelling and spectroscopic diagnostics of stellar atmospheres and envelopes, laboratory plasmas, laser equipments and technological plasmas. Hence, the domain of temperatures and densities covered by the tables is wide and depends on the ionization degree of the considered ion. The STARK-B [1] database is a part of VAMDC [2][3]. VAMDC (Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre) is an European Union funded collaboration between groups involved in the generation and use of atomic and molecular data. VAMDC aims to build a secure, documented, flexible and interoperable e-science environment-based interface to existing atomic and molecular data. We will present STARK-B in the VAMDC context at the Conference. We will also make a mini-tutorial for the conference participants, by showing how to use the STARK-B database and the VAMDC software.
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