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, S. Sahal-Br├ęchot, , M. S. Dimitrijevi─ç and , N. Ben Nessib (2011), "Comparisons and comments on electron and ion impact profiles of spectral lines", Baltic Astronomy, 20: 523-530.

Stark broadening theory is currently operated for calculating widths and shifts of spectral lines that are needed for spectroscopic diagnos- tics and modelling in astrophysics, laboratory and technological plasmas. We have calculated a great number of data, obtained through the impact semi- classical perturbation theory: tables have been published for neutral atom and ion emitters, and typical temperatures, electron and ion densities. They are currently implemented in the STARK-B database which participates to the Eu- ropean effort within the VAMDC (Virtual Atomic and Molecular data Centre). Despite of that, a great number of data are still missing and their orders of magnitude would at least be welcome. In the present paper, we will revisit and compare the orders of magnitudes and trends of the impact Stark widths and shifts, by considering their semiclassical perturbation expressions. We will also provide fitting formulae which are essential for the modelling codes of stellar atmospheres and envelopes.
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