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Ba, Yaye Awa, Wenger, Christian, Surleau, Romain, Boudon, Vincent, Rotger, Maud, Daumont, Ludovic, Bonhommeau, David A., Tyuterev, Vladimir G. and Dubernet, Marie-Lise (2013), "MeCaSDa and ECaSDa: Methane and Ethene Calculated Spectroscopic Databases for the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre", Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer, in press.

Two spectroscopic relational databases, denoted MeCaSDa and ECaSDa, have been implemented for methane and ethene, and included in VAMDC (Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre, portal/home.seam). These databases collect calculated spectroscopic data from the accurate analyses previously performed for the electronic ground state of methane, ethene, and some of their isotopologues 12CH4, 13CH4, and 12C2H4. Both infrared absorption and Raman scattering lines are included. The polyad structures are reported and the transitions are precisely described by their energy, their intensity and the full description of the lower and upper states involved in the transitions. The relational schemas of ECaSDa and MeCaSDa databases are equivalent and optimized to enable the better compromise between data retrieval and compatibility with the XSAMS (XML Schema for Atoms,Molecules, and Solids) format adopted within the VAMDC European project.
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