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Ryabchikova, Tatiana, Pakhomov, Yury and Piskunov, Nikolai (2010), "New Release of Vienna Atomic Line Database (VALD3) and its Integration in Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre (VAMDC)", International conference \'Stellar atmospheres\'.

We give a short description of the third version of Vienna Atomic Line Data Base (VALD), one of the main spectroscopic bases widly used in different astrophysical applications such as model atmosphere calculations and abundance analysis. The changes in VALD3 concern record formats and data presentation using standards of IAEA as well as the significantly enhanced number of atomic lines and molecular lines of TiO, CN, CH, O$_2$, FeH. It is worth to mention that VALD2 does not contain molecular lines. VALD3 is one out of 18 spectroscopic data bases joining the international project VAMDC - Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre, which is supporting and financing by the Europeen Community.

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