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CORDIS was the European Commission’s first permanent website in 1994. Its content dates back to the 1990s and it provided web services for FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7 and other EC research and innovation activities.

Web archives

All archived web content has been transferred to the Internet Memory website. The links in the table below will lead you to captures of the archived pages that have been moved from CORDIS to the Internet Memory .

Seventh Framework Programme (FP7, 2007-2013)

FP7 Home Page
International Cooperation
Regions of knowledge
Research for the Benefit of SMEs
Research Infrastructures
Research Potential of Convergence Regions
Science in Society
Support to the Coherent Development of Research Policies
Environment (including Climate Change)
Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Biotechnology
Information and Communication Technologie (ICT)
Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials & New Production Technologies
Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities
Transport (including Aeronautics)
Coordination of Research Activities
Article 185 Initiatives
Joint Technology Initiative
The Seventh Framework Programme of the European Energy Community (Euratom) for nuclear research and training activities (2007 to 2011)
Direct Actions
Indirect Actions
Fusion Energy Research
Nuclear Fission and Radiation Protection
Joint Research Centre
Other R&D Programmes
Research Fund for Coal and Steel
ETP – European Technology Platforms
ESTEP – European Steel Technology Platform
IMS – Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Sixth Framework Programme (FP6, 2002-2006)

FP6 Home page
Thematic areas
Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health
Information society technologies (IST)
Nanotechnologies and nano-sciences, knowledge-based multifunctional materials and new production processes and devices (NMP)
Aeronautics and space
Food quality and safety
Sustainable development, global change and ecosystems
Citizens and governance in a knowledge-based society
Cross-cutting activities
Research for policy support
New and emerging science and technology (NEST)
SME activities
International co-operation activities
Co-ordination of research activities
Development of research/innovation policies
Structuring ERA
Research and Innovations
Marie Curie Actions - Human resources and mobility
Research infrastructures
Science and Society
EURATOM (Nuclear energy)
FP6 Euratom Homepage
Controlled thermonuclear fusion
Management of radioactive waste
Radiation protection
Other activities in the field of nuclear technologies and safety
Horizontal activities

Fourth Framework Programme (FP4, 1994-1998)

FP4 Homepage
Information and Communications Technologies
Advanced Communications Technologies and Services (ACTS)
Information Technologies (ESPRIT)
Telematics Applications
Industrial Technologies
Industrial and Materials Technologies (BRITE/EURAM)
Standards, Measurements and Testing (SMT)
Environment and Climate
Marine Sciences and Technologies (MAST III)
Life Sciences and Technologies
Biotechnology (BIOTECH 2)
Biomedecine and Health (BIOMED 2)
Agriculture and Fisheries (FAIR)
Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (ELSA)
Transport Research Programme
Targeted Socio-Economic Research
Targeted Socio-Economic Research (TSER)
European Technology Assessment Network (ETAN)
Cooperation with Third Countries and International Organisations
International Cooperation (INCO)
Dissemination and Exploitation of Results
Innovation Programme
Stimulation of the training and mobility of researchers
Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR)

Related programmes

ERA – European Research Area
FORESIGHT – Science and Technology Foresight
STI-ERA - Science and Technology Indicators for the European Research Area
Focus On Innovation
AWARENESS - Increasing Awareness of Innovation
EASW - European Awareness Scenario Workshop
EIMS - European Innovation Monitoring System (SPRINT Committee 1989-1994)
ENS - European Networks and Services (Innovation Programme, 1994-1998)
FINANCE - Financing Innovation (1994-1998)
IMT - Promotion of Innovation Management Techniques in SME's ( 1994-1998)
INCUBATORS - European Database on Business Incubators (2001)
INNOVATION - Innovation programme in FP4 (1994-1998)
INNOVATION POLICY - Innovation Policy Studies (until 2006)
INNOVATION PORTAL - European Innovation Portal (2002-2006)
INTERFACES - Interfaces, Science, Technology, Society (1994-1998)
IPR - Intellectual Property Rights (1998-2004)
PATINNOVA '99 - Patinnova '99 Conference (Thessaloniki, 1999)
PAXIS - Supporting innovative start-ups (2002-2006)
RI - Research and Innovation Support for SME's
SCOREBOARD - Innovation Scoreboard (2001-2005)
TDSP - Training and Dissemination Schemes Projects ( 1994-1998)
TVP - Technology Transfer & Technology Validation Projects (1994-1998)
Other R&D websites
ASEM - The Asia-Europe Conference (London, 1998)
CERIF 2000 - Common European Research Project Information Format (2000)
COHESION - Cohesion, Competitiveness and RTD & Innovation Policies (1998)
CO-OPET - Support initiative for the Organisations for Promotion of Energy and Transport Technologies (2002-2002)
COST - European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research
COST TIST - COST Telecommunications, Information Science and Technology (1998-2002)
COST Transport ( 1998-2002)
CRIS 98 Cybercafe - Current Research Information Systems in Europe Conference (Luxembourg, 1998)
CRIS 2000 - Current Research Information Systems in Europe Conference (Helsinki, 2000)
eContent - European Digital Content Programme (Information Society 2001-2005)
SCIENCE WEEK - European Science and Technology Week (2000-2006)
SECURITY - Security Research (2004-2006)
SYNERGY - International cooperation in the energy sector (Energy FP 1998-2002)
Telematics Libraries

Publications archives

All publications produced by CORDIS are available on EU Bookshop .

The research*eu focus magazine was produced from 2009 to 2017 to cover specific topics of research interest. It was replaced by the research*eu Results Packs.

Before 2008, the CORDIS focus family of publications provided updates on EU research,
including Newsletters , RTD Results Supplements , Thematic Supplements and SME Supplements .

Last updated: 2018-01-03

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